Saturday, October 26, 2013

Story Telling: Simple Past X Present Perfect

Dani Lyra, my dear colleague, asked me to draw a story to teach the Simple Past and the Present Perfect. A story in which these two tenses would be the main characters. Here is the thing: At first I thought I could record my voice telling the story, which I did, but afterwards I realized it would be more interesting to write the story, so you could memorize it and tell it yourself. Believe me, it's a lot more fun!  

Simple Past and Present Perfect were friends when they were little. They played, laughed and had a lot of fun together.

Eventually, Simple Past became a cowboy.

Present Perfect became a surfer.

Simple Past is very likable, straightforward, easy to understand.

Present Perfect is not easy to understand.

 Sometimes some people prefer to think he doesn't exist.

 Some frown at and look down on him.

And many people have misconceptions about him...

 ...which makes him upset.

 Simple Past is super attached to the past.

Every time he tells you about something he did, he will tell you "when". 

 And if you tell him that you traveled on your vacation, he will ask you when. And he will always use DID in questions.

Present Perfect has an eye in the present. 

Simple Past is obsessed about time...

...whereas Present Perfect doesn't even have a watch. He doesn't care when something happened. Sometimes it's because he doesn't remember.

Present Perfect always uses HAVE and the participle of a verb.

In questions, too.

 He uses HAS for the third person.

All these differences made them go separate ways, but it doesn't mean they are alone.

Simple Past has friends that hang out with and enjoy his company. They are always together.

Although some people don't understand Present Perfect, he has friends, too. Loyal friends who relate to him and are always there for him.


  1. Dearest! Your workshop was fantastic. You are one of the most talented teachers I know. Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

  2. Very creative and funny way of teaching. Congrats!
    Carlos Xavier

  3. Dear Cleide, I just came across this fantastic story! You are one of the most talented teachers I know. I want you back!!!