Friday, October 4, 2013

Digital Tools

The activities presented here have been designed for an elementary group and the ultimate goal was to incorporate  a digital tool to it. At the time, I was working with Dani Lyra on this project that we developed and which consisted on devising lesson plans which enabled teachers to use digital tools. We called it "DIGITAL COMMUNICATION PROJECT - WEB 2.0 AND EFL YOUNG LEARNERS". For the first activity, students started out by drawing and coloring the foods they liked. Then, they wrote on the back of their drawings three sentences using the structure learned, the verb LIKE. They wrote two true sentences and one false. In the end, I digitalized their work using PHOTO PEACH, which allows us to make a slide show presentation. In the slides, students could read the true and false sentences written by their peers and guess which sentences were false, based on the drawings presented. They enjoyed seeing their drawings in the activity and had a lot of fun. For the second activity, students drew their bedrooms and wrote sentences using the structure learned, the verb THERE TO BE. Afterwards, the illustrations and sentences were digitalized and in the end, which could be the next class, students watched the slide show and guessed which of the three sentences was the correct one. Needless to say that they had tons of fun seeing their drawings projected on the wall.

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