Monday, February 9, 2015

Draw your vacation

This is an opportunity for students to learn personal information about the teacher. The ultimate goal is to engage students into writing and make them familiar with simple writing techniques. Show students drawings of your last vacation. Don't worry if you don't draw well. The fact that you drew them will   encourage your students to do the same. Also, show short simple sentences for each drawing.  Make sure, students identify and understand the three parts of a paragraph:  

1) TOPIC SENTENCE: It tells you what the paragraph will be about;
2) BODY: It is developed around the topic sentence usually with examples and details;
3) CONCLUSION: It restates the introduction with different words.

Also, make sure students are familiar with "connectors". After showing your students your sentences, allow them some time to draw and write about their own vacation. Have colored pencils and blank sheets of paper available on your desk in case they don´t have those. You can also assign this task for homework. At home, they will scan and upload their drawings and write about them.  They can make a video or a power point slide presentation to show in the following class.

I enjoyed my vacation because it was relaxing.

I didn't have money to travel, so I stayed in Brasilia.

However, I could play the guitar and practice some songs.

I went shopping for clothes and shoes.

And I could sleep a lot and relax.

Show your students what a paragraph should look like:

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