Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Special Present

My dear friend Fernanda Barboza asked me to make a set of drawings to celebrate her daughter's  birthday. In the set, we could see the trajectory of the lives of Luisa and her dad. It was hard work because it took me long hours but I made it. I don't want to brag but the result was beautiful.

We started dating.

He couldn't have children.

The shock: I got pregnant! 

We got married.

Luisa was born on September 7th.

He trembled with the baby in his arms.

She learned to say DADDY when she was one.

They became best pals.

He picked her up at school.

They played together.

They traveled to Brasília alone.

They've been to Itiquira.

When she was four, we moved to Brasília and she missed her dad.

Daddy came to Brasília. What a joy!

She turned seven.

In 2011, they became scouts.

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